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Google Gives AdSense a New Look

Google has just released a new interface for its AdSense platform and it is being rolled out to all publishers globally.

Almost exactly a year ago, Google (Google) started testing its new AdSense interface with a select group of AdSense publishers. The new design is a reflection on both the feedback from that group and requests for features from the existing userbase.

The new AdSense looks strikingly similar to the new Feedburner interface released last month. We expect that more and more Google Webmaster products will begin to take on cues from these two interface updates.

The new interface has been redesigned to make managing tasks more efficient, has placed controls all in one place and provides more insights into analytical data. You can access the new version of AdSense by visiting

Compare these two interfaces: The top image is the new AdSense interface, while the bottom one is in the old style.

The new tab and module structure is a lot more module, it’s easier to get access to basic information and the layout is much cleaner.

We’re impressed, but now the question is: When will Google Analytics (Google Analytics) get this sort of treatment? And what do you think of Google’s new UI changes for its Webmaster Tools products?

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