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Nexus S: The Successor to the Google Nexus One?

Android GoogleHas Best Buy just outed the “Nexus S” as the name of the next Google-branded smartphone?

Two weeks ago, the rumors started to fly about the potential existence of the Nexus Two, a device that would run a stock version of Android (Android) 2.3 (a.k.a Gingerbread) and be promoted as the next Google (Google) phone.

Since then, more reports have emerged that seem to confirm that Google really is going to take another crack at producing a rival to the iPhone (iPhone). The device is rumored to be made by Samsung, has a curved back, a 4-inch AMOLED screen and shares a lot of similarities with the Galaxy S phone.

While those reports are convincing, that doesn’t confirm that the phone is real by any means. However, a slip-up by Best Buy, first caught by Phandroid, may be the most concrete indication yet that this phone is real.

Earlier today on Best Buy’s website, the company published a section that looked something like this:

Once the page was spotted, it was quickly taken down (you can still access the Google cache of the page, though). Still, it gives more credibility to the rumors that a “pure Google” phone is in the works. The new details are that it will be called the Nexus S and that it will be available on T-Mobile, just like its predecessor the Nexus One.

As we said when we reported the Nexus Two rumors, we would welcome the Nexus S with open arms; the Nexus One is still one of the best Android phones out there, and we believe a Nexus S could help fight the increasing fragmentation of the Android OS. However, Google ultimately failed with the Nexus One, and it’ll have to take a new approach if the Nexus S is to succeed where its predecessor did not.

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