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10 Comfortable Lap Desks for Cozy Computing

Lap Desk ImageAs laptops overtake desktops in the home computing arena, consumers keep looking for more ways to both work and play more comfortably with their own portable PCs.

A “lap desk,” or lap table, offers a handy solution for when you want to work on your computer from the floor, sofa, or even in bed. It keeps the laptop’s heat off your legs (helping you avoid the dreaded Toasted Leg Syndrome), and it provides a stable platform for all your PC needs.

We’ve taken a look at 10 of the top lap desks available to suit all styles and needs. Have a look through our selection and let us know which would suit you and why, in the comments below.

1. Winsome Wood Bentwood Bed Desk

Finished in a modern shade of light oak, this stylish “bed desk” offers not only a platform for your portable PC but a side slot for files, magazines, notepads or whatever else you might need to store. It’s not the most portable option, but it is a great choice for around-the-home work, especially if you need a place to store your other papers.

Cost: From around $60

2. Room It Up Portable Lap Desk

Aimed at dorm room dwellers, but suitable for anyone who enjoys a funky fabric and wants an affordable option, Room It Up’s lap desk includes a cup holder, boasts a cushioned underside to help protect against heat and looks great in your choice of colorful finishes.

Cost: $24

3. Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

Logitech calls the N700 a “lap theater.” The high tech lap desk offers built-in speakers to boost your laptop’s audio abilities and a fan to help keep things cool during prolonged multimedia use. All this wizardry is powered via a single USB cable, with on/off controls for the speaker and fan, as well as volume controls. If you watch a lot of movies on your laptop, this is the portable platform for you.

Cost: $79.99

4. Belkin CushTop

Available in Belkin’s typically contemporary colors, the CushTop offers padded comfort when you’re using your notebook on your lap. A very simple but clever design features a storage pocket inside for power cables and other accessories, while the trapezoid shape means you can reverse it to suit larger or smaller machines.

Cost: $34.99

5. Bamboo Wood Contour Lap Desk

This gorgeous, simple option gives you a bamboo top and a detachable cotton hopsack cushioned base. This lap desk also doubles as an ordinary tray. The curved lines mean there are no awkward edges to dig into you during use. Its 22-inch width should be large enough for most laptops with room left over for a mouse.

Cost: $39.95

6. LapDeskLady

The “LapDeskLady” over on Etsy is an expert in handmade lap desks, and her shop is perfect for anyone who would rather buy “small” over corporate. The “jumbo” model is a whopping 30 by 18 inches, offering plenty of space and cushioned comfort. If you’re looking for something a little different or customizable (you can choose your own fabric patterns), be sure to get in touch with her to start your negotiations.

Cost: Approx $39.95 to $59.95

7. LapDawg X4

Described as the “Swiss Army Knife of lap desks,” this Meccano-esque portable tray can be positioned in pretty much any way you’d like, thanks to 360-degree rotating legs with push-button, auto-locking joints. The tray is versatile too, with one side featuring a rubber stopper to stop things from slipping around, while the other boasts a curled bottom edge, ideal for holding books and magazines in place.

Cost: $89

8. SPI Lighted Lapdesks

The big selling point for SPI’s popular lighted lap desks is the built-in goose-neck lamp, offering you some portable illumination while you tap away, read, make notes, etc. Other features include a carry handle and a wrist rest that should help with those all-important ergonomics.

Cost: From around $29.99

9. Old School Lap Desk

This wonderful, old-fashioned mini-desk is modeled after school desks. The desk lid opens to reveal a felt-lined storage space underneath for your pencil case or other accessories. Made from heavy, cherry-stained wood, it’s one desk meant for the home. It will add a fun, scholarly touch to any living room.

Cost: $51.49

10. IKEA BRADA Laptop Support

IKEA’s BRADA is the cheapest lap desk we’ve selected at just a penny under $10. For that, you get a functional objet from the clever Swedes. The legs fold out from a slimline storage position to provide a slightly tilted, wipe-clean work surface, and the cheerful, polka-dotted design adds a dose of fun.

Cost: $9.99

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