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10 iPhone Apps for Wine Enthusiasts

iPhone Wine ImageYou don’t have to be a wine aficionado and toss around words like “bouquet,” “tannin” and “terroir” to appreciate a fine glass of grape. But as with everything, a little knowledge can go a long way. Getting to know wine is an ongoing and pleasure-filled process that begs for a curious palate and a lot of welcomed experimentation.

If that isn’t enough motivation, consider the health benefits that moderate wine drinking offers. Numerous studies have shown that antioxidants known as flavonoids found in red wine reduce the risk of heart disease, improve cardiovascular health, produce good cholesterol, reduce inflammation and even prevent cancer. Well, in that case, pour me another glass!

Regardless of whether you’re a wine snob and refuse to drink from a bottle with a screw cap, or could care less and happily swig from a box, the following 10 apps will help you better understand this refined libation.

1. Snooth Wine Pro

Snooth Wine Pro represents the next generation of app technology. Its most unique differentiator is the use of image recognition technology (very Mission Impossible-esque), which enables users to take a photo of the wine label to match it to a vintner in the app’s enormous wine database. From there, you can read a description of the wine, as well as users’ reviews, without ever having to open the bottle. Snooth also provides a “virtual cellar” wine inventory management system, a geographic search feature of wine stores near you, as well as general wine searches by type, price, region and varietal. A free version of this app is available as well, but the image recognition capability is not available and ads are displayed.

Cost: $4.99

2. AG Wine

The Approach Guides Wine app is an information-rich resource for learning about wine styles, appellations, grape varieties and food pairings. Featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users can select their country of choice and then search for wine options based on personal preference. When choosing red wine, for example, you are offered a choice of “light and subtle,” “smooth and medium-bodied” and “bold and full-bodied” wines, and you’re presented with a variety that fit under that category with detailed descriptions of each. This is a great app for wine drinkers who don’t know specifics about which wines they want, but have a sense for what they’re looking for.

Cost: $3.99

3. Hello Vino

Consider Hello Vino to be your personal sommelier, providing wine recommendations for when you’d like to match it with a particular food, a special occasion, a particular taste, or you simply desire a wine from a certain region. If you need a wine recommendation for a date, a holiday and much more, turn to Hello Vino for advice. Need a recommendation for Thanksgiving dinner? Hello Vino recommends Talley Vineyards Chardonnay, Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay or Walnut Crest Chardonnay as perfect accompaniments to roast turkey. If you’re like me and not crazy about Chardonnay, fret not. This app makes additional recommendations on top of those three. You can also share picks with your social networks via Twitter and Facebook directly from the app.

Cost: Free

4. Pair It

For wine and food pairings from internationally renowned chef and wine expert Bruce Riezenman, Pair It is worth checking out. Hailing from Sonoma County, Riezenman has won awards for his ability to masterfully pair wines with gourmet foods. Pair It offers more than 20,000 matches, comprising of approximately 180 varietals and 1,000 food items. You can match by food, wine, preview “Chef Bruce’s picks” or let the Vegas-style slot machine make a match for you. The next time you have succulent braised lamb shanks, pick a nice red Zinfandel. At least that what Chef Bruce says.

Cost: $4.99

5. Drync Wine Pro

Drync is a wine lover’s best friend and provides expert reviews and commentary for hundreds of thousands of wine listings. Essentially a “who’s who” of wine, Drync lists “Featured,” as well as “Most Popular” and “Top Wanted” wines as calculated by user actions and ratings. Each wine listing offers a detailed description of its taste, as well as reviews from oenophiles at Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast and more.

There are even direct links to video reviews on YouTube. Find a wine that you’re really interested in trying? Save it to your “Cellar” or better yet, click the “Buy from” button for direct purchasing access. Drync also just launched a complementary website,, allowing you to manage your cellar, search for wine and discover new recommendations based on other Drync users’ ratings. There is also a Drync Free version available, but it features ads and has a 10-bottle wine cellar limit.

Cost: $4.99

6. Wine Events

Drinking wine is a highly social activity that can exponentially increase in enjoyment in the company of others. If you like to frequent wine tastings and want to stay apprised of events in your area, Wine Events is useful to have. It is a simple app, yet it provides numerous listings of tastings for wine and spirits in your location or any location you choose. Within each listing, Wine Events provides the who/what/where and also gives you the option of posting the event to Facebook. Come one, come all!

Cost: Free

7. Wine Wherever

Imagine meandering through wine country with no agenda other than to taste wines from vineyards along the way. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? That is until you realize that you have no idea where the wineries are and end up wasting time looking for them when you could be sampling wines from them. Save yourself the hassle and get the Wine Wherever app for your travels to get a complete listing of all wineries in the area. With 13 locations from which to choose (all separate apps) – nine in California; the others in Oregon, Washington, New York and Texas – it’s likely that if you’re exploring a wine-producing area, Wine Wherever has an app for it.

Each listing provides the winery’s address, phone number, website link and map. In addition, the app features regularly updated coupons for specials occurring at regional vineyards at any given time.

Cost: $2.99 per regional app ($1.99 for the California North Coast region)

8. Wine Notes

Say you try a wine that you love and want to remember every detail of the experience so that you can recreate it over and over again. The Wine Notes app provides you with the perfect template to record your wine of choice, your experience and what exactly you taste that tickles your fancy. There are a handful of fields that you can enter information into such as producer, varietal, vintage, rating, region, color, alcohol. There’s also a handy visual guide for wine flavors you detect, with typical choices such as berry, raisin, oak and nutmeg and more unusual ones like bacon, dill, eucalyptus and toast. You can store photos, share your notes on Twitter and even back up and restore all your precious wine information with the app.

Cost: Free

9. Wine Enthusiast Guide

Wine Enthusiast as a brand, a magazine and an e-commerce site, is a prominent source for information and accessories about wine. Who better to create an app? The Wine Enthusiast Guide app contains reviews and ratings for more than 100,000 wines and is an all-encompassing resource for anything and everything related to wine. The search parameters are totally customizable and let you adjust by price, rating, style, region, editor’s choice picks, best buys, etc. In addition to in-depth reviews, the app also contains a very useful reference guide that includes a “Wine 101” section with detailed articles on topics such as storing wine, cooking with wine, types of glassware, giving wine as a gift, serving wine and much more.

Cost: $4.99


The app’s pièce de résistance is its “CellarTracker” feature, which is a database of more than 935,000 wines from every region imaginable. You can either search for wines by region or varietal, or you can use the super cool barcode scanner that is included on the app (which alone is worth the cost). When you find wines that you like or ones that you want to try, simply add them to your cellar, which you can organize into best rated, by varietal, region, ones you want to drink sooner rather than later, and ones recently consumed. also features a comparison tab that provides information on pre-determined wine choices, or lets you build your own comparison list. Finally, there’s a very comprehensive “Pedia” with hundreds of entries for all things wine, for those who are thirsty for knowledge and for the drink itself.

Cost: $3.99

Have another favorite wine-related app? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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