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Twitter for iPhone Gets Push Notifications

Twitter has just updated its official iPhone app to support push notifications for direct messages and mentions. The new app, version 3.2, is available in the App Store [iTunes link], or you can check for updates on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Push notifications for Twitter has been an oft-requested feature — and one that has been rumored for quite some time. Although there have been workarounds for the lack of official push notification support (using third-party apps like Boxcar and Notifo), having official support obviously makes the process more seamless.

Notifications can be configured for each user account you have. You can either turn notifications on just for direct messages or for any @ mention. For mentions, you can choose between just your friends or any mention of your username.

Upon launching Twitter 3.2 for the first time, you will be given the option to turn notifications on or off. If you change your mind or want to adjust your alert parameters, go to Accounts & Settings in the Twitter app (click on the “…” icon and scroll down), then click the Settings button. From there, you can select the Notifications button and adjust your options.

By default, notifications will provide sound, badging and alerts. You can make changes to how you are notified by clicking on the Settings app, choosing Notifications and selecting Twitter. You can then choose to turn badges, sounds or notifications on or off.

At least on my Twitter account, being alerted of a direct message via text message stopped working months ago. Push notifications serve the same purpose — and they don’t cost anything!

Although it would be nice if Twitter considered offering more granular notifications for certain keywords or terms, we expect that the company will let third-party tools cover those scenarios.

Are you excited about push notifications on your iPhone? Let us know.

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