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Netflix CEO: Long-Form Video Isn’t Meant for Mobile (or iPads)

Netflix recently released mobile applications for iPhone and iPad. In a panel discussion at the Web 2.0 Summit, CEO Reed Hastings said the impact of these apps on business has been “very little.”

Hastings resolutely believes that consumers are primarily uninterested in streaming long-form video content from Netflix or any other service on their mobile devices. People prefer to watch video on big screens, he argues.

Hastings went on to share that gaming consoles, including PlayStation 3 and Xbox, have had a huge impact on Netflix’s subscriber base and business; but the iPad specifically and mobile app in general haven’t moved the needle. Mac computers, however, have a much larger impact.

Co-panelist and media mogul Peter Chernin agrees with Hastings’s view point, but only as it pertains to the U.S. market. Outside the U.S., Chernin believes that long-form video content will find a more prominent home on mobile devices, because tablets will be in high demand in markets where PCs in the home are less common.

Hastings also has some strong opinions on Internet-connected televisions and Google TV. He predicts that this holiday season, one-third of televisions purchased will have IP built in. That ratio, he believes, will double by the following holiday season. By the end of 2012, he projects that nearly all purchased television sets will be connected to the Internet.

Twitter and Facebook will not profit from this boom in IP TVs, Hastings says. He calls these social and information networks a “mismatch” with the big screen. Twitter would disagree.

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