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iOS 4.3 and Murdoch’s “The Daily” to Launch in December [REPORT]

With the release of iOS 4.2.1 now complete, Apple is reportedly focusing on launching iOS 4.3 by mid-December. It will bring not only bug fixes, but could be the update that brings app subscriptions and Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only publication to millions of iOS devices.

Apple is set to reveal iOS 4.3 next month, according to Macstories. According to its sources, Apple has been planning a mid-December release of the new version of iOS for a while now, but because iOS 4.2 came out late (due to various bugs), iOS 4.3 could be late as well.

Still, the release of iOS 4.3 is pegged for December 13. Not only that, but according to John Gruber at Daring Fireball, Apple will be holding a December 9 press event to announce the update.

Apple doesn’t hold press events for simple iOS updates though, so if the rumors are true, then Apple is cooking up something big for iOS 4.3. It almost certainly looks like that will be app subscriptions. That would give app developers and especially publishers the ability to charge for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly updates or editions for their apps.

That leaves us with the rumors surrounding The Daily, News Corp’s “newspaper” built for (and only for) tablets. As we reported previously, Apple and News Corp are working on an iPad-only publication that will cost $0.99 per new edition. It reportedly already has 100 journalists on the project, led by former New York Post managing editor Jesse Angelo.

Since that report, Murdoch has confirmed the existence of The Daily in an interview with Fox Business, but didn’t reveal any other details. That’s okay though, because it looks like Murdoch is saving the real story for the December 9 event, where he will most likely reveal The Daily on stage with Steve Jobs.

Because iOS 4.2 was released several weeks late, it’s possible that iOS 4.3 and The Daily will launch a little later than expected. Still, given the high profile nature of the partnership, Apple may be working overtime to make sure it hits its December 9 mark.

Are you interested in app subscriptions or Murdoch’s new tablet publication? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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