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Foursquare Partnership Paves Way for TV Series

Independent production company Endemol USA will develop a television series that incorporates Foursquare’s location-based mobile gaming platform and may emulate the competition and travel aspects of reality shows such as The Amazing Race.

Endemol has partnered with Foursquare (Foursquare) on the television endeavor and has signed an exclusive development deal, according to a report from entertainment industry publication Variety.

As to series specifics, there are limited details at this time and the information available suggests that this partnership is still in a nascent stage.

“We hope that working on this project with Endemol will expose even more people around the world to the benefits of Foursquare (foursquare),” co-founder Dennis Crowley told Variety.

From the sound of it, Foursquare may also find its way into existing Endemol content. “Endemol has a reputation for leading innovation in the television industry, and we look forward to integrating Foursquare into some of their new and already existing programming,” said Crowley.

A Foursquare representative also tells Mashable (Mashable), “We’ll be working closely with Endemol on the development process.”

Without knowing more, it’s hard to say whether a television series that hinges on Foursquare activity will be a hit or miss with viewing audiences — though the startup’s nearly 5 million members could make for a captive audience. The suggested competitive race-style format, however, is one that seems to align nicely with Foursquare’s social checkin platform.

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