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This Scumbag Stole Xboxes From a Children’s Cancer Hospital [Crime]

You’d think there would be some honor amongst thieves but nope, it’s just scumbag after scumbag. Like this heartless jerk, he stole video game consoles that were used by young cancer patients at Carolinas Medical Center and hasn’t been caught yet. More »  ...
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Sudan’s First SMS-Powered Voting Monitor Tracks "Violence," "Intimidation" [Voting]

While Sudanese vote about the fate of South Sudan’s independence, one Sudan-born Texan supports the voting process from afar with a historic mobile-powered monitoring tool. More »  Read More →
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Over Two-Thirds of U.S. Broadband Internet Connections Aren’t Technically Broadband [Internet]

A recent report by the FCC shows that more than two-thirds of so-called broadband internet connections in the U.S. don’t actually meet the minimum speed requirements of 4Mbps upstream and 1Mbps downstream to be considered broadband. More »  ...
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Who Needs Acid When You Have These Animated Buildings? [Video]

As part of their 118-year old Festival of Lights, buildings—such as the historic Église Saint-Nizier—in Lyon, France have been outfitted with special animated projections that make the buildings look like they’ve come to life. More »  Read More →
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Europe Wants Self Driving Cars, And It Wants Them Now [Cars]

A project funded by the European Commission is working to develop an infrastructure for self-driving cars. The system, called SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment), will allow cars to autonomously travel in a convoy. Also, testing begins NOW. More »  ...
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