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“Tron” Still King on Twitter, Despite Box Office Rivals

Little Fockers and True Grit may have claimed first and second place at the Christmas box office, but TRON: Legacy is still tops on Twitter.

Real-time social media tracker Trendrr evaluated the top three films at the weekend box office from December 23 to 27. Despite coming in third place at the box office, TRON: Legacy continues to generate nearly twice as many tweets as either Little Fockers or True Grit.

Little Fockers grossed $30.8 million over the weekend and has a five-day total of $45.1 million. Critic favorite True Grit took in a truly impressive $24.9 million for the weekend — the best ever opening for a Coen Brothers film — and a five-day total of $36.8 million. The 10-day domestic tally for TRON: Legacy now stands at $88.3 million, with $20.1 million coming from the holiday weekend.

On Twitter, TRON is still king, with an average of 1,000 tweets per hour regarding the film. Trendrr tells us that True Grit and Little Fockers barely managed to amass 500 tweets per hour, even on opening night.

It’s unclear what impact — if any — the weather is having on movie-related tweets, but the cold is having negative impact on the box office. The ongoing snowmageddon severely dampened box office receipts, which are down more than 44% from 2009. The Hollywood Reporter notes that theaters in New York City and Philadelphia reported 70% drops in ticket sales, while the expected windfall of Sunday moviegoers was thwarted by the worsening weather.

Sentiment and Gender Breakdown

Little Fockers

True Grit

TRON: Legacy

Little Fockers might be box office champion, but True Grit seems to have the true momentum. Number of tweets side, the sentiment analysis provided by Trendrr shows that the film has the lowest number of negative tweets. Predictably for a western, True Grit had more than twice as many tweets from male users as female. This figure aligns with the box office 70/30 split for the film. Expect the gender ratio to balance out a bit more as the film continues to build critical and audience buzz.

The family oriented Little Fockers had more female users tweeting than male, but the ratio split was still fairly close. The film also showed a positive sentiment of 68%, according to Trendrr, which is above the critical assessment for the third film in the Parents franchise.

Did you manage to see any movies this weekend? Do your thoughts align with what Twitter (Twitter) is saying?

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