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Vevo Comes to Android

We had to wait four months for the Android counterpart to the preexisting iPhone app, but it’s finally happened: Vevo has come to Android device. However, it’s still lagging.

Translation: It’s slow. Not debilitatingly so, but slow enough that the ADD-addled among us (read: Anyone super into tech, like Mashable (Mashable)’s readers and employees) are likely to get thoroughly distracted by something shiny by the time a given video loads.

Much like the iPhone version, the Android app opens with a carousel of top music videos, which you can choose to watch right off the bat. (Among them is a vid from Jessie J, the first artist in Vevo’s emerging artist program, Lift. Smart move, Vevo.) Choosing a video leads to an intro screen where you’re presented with a random music fact (it would be better if the fact pertained to the video you were about to watch) to tide you over while your video loads.

If you would rather not watch the latest Ricky Martin video, featured on the intro carousel, you can also search by video (choosing from top videos, video premieres and newly released videos), artist (top artists or new artists) or playlist (selecting top playlists, video charts or celeb picks). And as an added bonus, you can search using Voice, which is something the iPhone app lacks.

Users can also buy songs via Amazon, and share them via e-mail, Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook). (Artist pages also get a dash of social by featuring their latest tweets and a link to their Twitter feed.) As with the iPad app, clicking on any of these options will pause the video, which is rather annoying.

Now for what the app lacks: 1). The Music Maps feature, which — in my humble opinion — is one of the coolest aspects of the iPhone app. To refresh your memory, this feature lets you see what videos are most popular in your region. According to Vevo, this feature will be added to the app in due time. 2). The ability to make playlists in-app. This is a big omission, but Vevo says that this feature is “coming soon” as well.

Also — as with the iPad and iPhone app — you can’t log in to the app with your Vevo info to access playlists, ratings and histories, but those features are forthcoming with all apps.

Have you had a chance to check out the Vevo app yet? (It’s now available for free in the Android Market (Android Market).) What do you think?

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