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4 Ways to Do Good This Valentine’s Day

hearts imageValentine’s Day is everyone’s favorite holiday. Unless you’re in a relationship and you have to plan a whole big thing for your significant other. Or if you’re single and the day just reminds you of what you don’t have. Or maybe you just don’t like holidays in general? Okay, Valentine’s Day sucks.

Even if you can’t stand February 14, we can all agree that it’s good to give back. That’s why we’ve pulled together a short collection of ways you can do good this Valentine’s Day — from charitable donations to advocacy to cards for your loved one(s).

Of course, there are probably even more possibilities out there, so please share — in the comments below — other ways to give back and do good this Valentine’s Day.

  • This site will donate $10 of any purchase to one of five charities, including the Campaign for Cancer Prevention, Support the National Parks and TPRF: Food for People. You can buy Valentine’s staples like flowers, e-cards, or even chocolate-dipped strawberries from online vendors.
  • Rather than donating money to a cause, is asking for your advocacy this Valentine’s. This campaign asks your support in stopping the use of forced or child labor to mine for diamonds. It might not be as “romantic” as actually giving your sweetie a real diamond but that won’t matter when you’re trying to make someone else’s life better.
  • Charity: Water: charity: water is becoming known for its Valentine’s day productions, as can be seen in its Western love-duel clip above. The charity has also made sure to include some options for consumers like a diamond waterdrop bracelet from Kwiat jewelers. All proceeds go directly to charity: water. You can also give the “gift of clean water in someone’s name, and notify that person via a Valentine’s card.
  • Charity Cards: If you want something that’s simple but says it all, try Charity Gift Certificates. Once you send your e-card, the recipient can then choose a charity to benefit from your gift. It’s a win-win-win.

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