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New Firefox 4 for Android Available Now

Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia Maemo devices is now available in a new beta version that’s made huge leaps in terms of stability and performance.

Our mobile team has had mixed experiences with earlier versions of the Firefox mobile browser, so the improvements and bug fixes are most welcome.

Some improvements include more pan/zoom responsiveness, faster booting and better page load times, the latter specifically due to JavaScript enhancements. The beta also includes features such as Firefox Sync (which lets you seamlessly carry your tabs, bookmarks and history between devices, whether those devices be mobile or desktop), tabbed browsing, Firefox add-ons and more.

Firefox for mobile is a developing area of the browser sector we’ve been following with great interest over the past year.

The browser originally launched with the codename “Fennec.” The alpha version hit the Android Market last August, and the first beta came out last October.

Sadly, iPhone and iPad users will have to stick to Firefox Home for iOS for now. The Firefox Home app isn’t a browser itself, but it will help Apple mobile users get access to their Firefox bookmarks, browsing history and open tabs — all from within Mobile Safari.

Expect more (and frequent) beta updates before a final tested-and-approved version is released. In the meantime, take the browser for a spin, and let us know what you think of its performance fixes in the comments.

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