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Facebook Responds to FTC Privacy Investigation

Facebook says it agrees with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s findings that a privacy framework must be “dynamic.” In the social networking site’s official response to the FTC’s report into its privacy policies, which surfaced Thursday, Facebook says it can “create a framework that is sensitive to the different expectations of privacy users have in different contexts, maximizes users’ ability to control their privacy as they see fit, and promotes continued innovation.”

Facebook maintains that “protecting privacy while promoting innovative services that enrich the online experience” have been important goals and the subject of discussions with both the public and private sectors.

The 26-page document also delves into numerous other areas, including the site’s role in the Egypt protests — a subject the company had previously avoided — and how Facebook has spurred development of other services to the benefit of users, including Netflix and Amazon.

“…We agree with the Department and the FTC that any privacy framework must be implemented in a way that both honors consumers’ expectations in the contexts in which they use online services and promotes the innovation that has fueled the growth of the Internet of the past two decades,” the document states.

You can view the full document below.

Facebook’s Response to DoC

[via Fast Company]

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