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5 Creative iPhone Accessories That Could Be Made With Your Help [VIDEOS]

Kickstarter’s crowdsourced funding service has already seen success for entrepreneurs with a penchant for Apple’s mobile with the Glif iPhone tripod. We were interested to see what other iPhone-themed projects are in the works.

We’ve found five fabulous iPhone accessories that are currently live on Kickstarter that we think might be worth investigating, including a couple of excellent accessories for iPhotographers and a fun Wii-themed music game.

Have a look through our exciting selection of (hopefully!) coming-soon iAccessories and let us know which ones you’d consider pledging cash to — and more importantly why — in the comments below.

1. Invisible Instrument

Got an iPhone? Got a Nintendo Wii? Got a computer? Like music games? Then, boy, do we have the perfect Kickstarter project for you! The “Invisible Instrument” takes an iPhone (or iPod touch) and Wiimote, adds in an app and some computer software and spits out a gesture-based musical device capable of reproducing the sound of multiple instruments.

So far the confirmed instruments include a drum set, violin, cello, bass, keyboard, guitar and theremin, but others are planned and suggestions are welcome.

With the aim to create an “affordable musical tool” that bridges classical instrumentation and computer music, it’s a project with lots of potential applications from just plain fun for kids to an actual composition tool for musicians.

Minimum pledge to receive product (with all instruments): $25

2. GoPano Micro

This product is due to cause some real excitement among iPhone videographers as its functionality allows the creation of 360-degree panaromic videos using just your iPhone.

The lens records everything it can “see” all at once, so when you review the video (on the app or the website) you can zoom in and out and pan around to see what’s happening around the camera, something the demo video above explains well.

Best of all, it’s super-simple to use. The lens just snaps onto the case, and thanks to the free companion app, it’s just a matter of hitting record to make futuristic video footage.

Minimum pledge to receive product: $50

3. iPhly

Created by a radio-controlled airplane enthusiast, the iPhly is arguably pretty niche. However, it’s a breakthrough product that could potentially bring R/C toys into the iAge.

Rather than the bulky controllers that currently exist for R/C models, the much smaller iPhly attaches to the iPhone, the frequency module of your existing remote slots in the back, and then thanks to the companion app, it can take command of your R/C toy via gesture control.

As well as airplanes, it will work with multiple models of radio-controlled helicopters, boats and cars, and can store profiles along with a pic for quick-glance operation.

Minimum pledge to receive product: $70

4. Tembo Trunks

Tembo Trunks are a great option for iPhone owners on the go, especially those travelling to more exotic climes.

Using horn acoustics, the power-free “speakers” amplify the sound from your iDevice’s earbuds to as much as three times the unadulterated volume.

Additionally, they’re made of silicone rubber, so they’re waterproof, and fold down for easy packing. They seem pretty much indestructible. Due to be available in some fun colors, we think they’re a great addition to anyone’s iAccessory arsenal.

Minimum pledge to receive product: $39

5. Jawcase Tiburon

The Jawcase Tiburon is of particular interest in what can easily be described as an overcrowded iPhone accessory market. It offers a variety of different functions.

As you’ll see in the video above, the Tiburon’s clever construction means it can be used for protection, as an all-round, multi-angle landscape and portrait stand, a desktop tripod for photography or video and even, in a pinch, a car mount.

Made out of aluminum and due to be available in a range of finishes, it’s a striking, yet minimalist, unisex option for iPhone 4 owners that do a lot with their device and want a case-come-stand to keep pace.

Minimum pledge to receive product: $80

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