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Foursquare Day Sets Record With 3M+ Checkins

This year’s Foursquare Day festivities drew an impressive crowd of users on Saturday (4/16); together, their checkins exceeded 3 million in number during that 24-hour period. The number of checkins on Saturday set a new record for Foursquare, which only reached the milestone 100 million total checkins ...
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Foursquare 3.0 Has Arrived: Here’s What’s New

Foursquare, the location-based mobile game startup that pioneered the checkin, will introduce version 3.0 Tuesday evening. The new release turns on the power of every checkin accumulated over the course of its two-year history and transforms that data into recommendations. “Our theme internally has ...
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Foursquare for Android Gets Photos, Comments & Widgets

On Monday, Foursquare released a completely overhauled version of its iPhone app with photos and comments. Today, those same features, along with two new home screen widgets, are being given to Android device owners. The photos and comments features are meant to be an exact replica of those introduced ...
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Foursquare Adds Photos and Comments

Foursquare has added two heavily requested features to its popular iPhone app that should make the service significantly more social: photos and comments. The new features let you attach photos to checkins, tips and venues, and add comments to the checkins of your friends. These social updates, released ...
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6 Ways to Market on Foursquare Without a Location

Scott Bishop is a director of social influence and author of How To Make Money Marketing Your Business With Foursquare (FT Press Delivers). You can read more of his insights on his social media marketing blog. Savvy marketers and business owners have flocked to Foursquare () to take advantage of their ...
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Foursquare Partnership Paves Way for TV Series

Independent production company Endemol USA will develop a television series that incorporates Foursquare’s location-based mobile gaming platform and may emulate the competition and travel aspects of reality shows such as The Amazing Race. Endemol has partnered with Foursquare () on the television endeavor ...
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Foursquare Takes on the TSA With “Baggage Handler” Badge

service will award a badge to anyone who checks in at an airport with words along the lines of “TSA,” “touch,” or “Don’t touch my junk!” Last week, Loopt announced its intentions to celebrate National Opt-Out Day by rewarding 10 travelers who opt out of body scans in favor of full-body ...
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Foursquare Boasts 4.5 Million Users, Opens West Coast Office

Location-based social network Foursquare announced Monday that it has registered more than 4.5 million users. To complement its growth, the startup has also opened an office in San Francisco. The reason? Foursquare () is vying for engineer talent in the Bay Area. And it’s not the only one — Twitter ...
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Foursquare Improves Its Web App

The Foursquare web app has languished somewhat as the company focused on its mobile offerings, but the startup has finally announced some improvements for the users of This past fall saw a string of mobile app upgrades. Foursquare () 2.0 arrived in the App Store for iPhone users in ...
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